Thursday, December 31, 2009

Prints from 2009

Life Renewed - Shirt.Woot January
Vincent's Alternative - Shirt.Woot January
Piranha Still Life - Tee Fury February
Lament of the Kiwi - Shirt.Woot February
Spirit of the Stag - Uneetee February
Eclipse - Ink-hound February
Gamer Mother - Cameesa March
Rain Dance - Shirt.Woot May
Big Brother Is Watching You - Shirt.Woot June
Half Full Wins - Goodjoe June
Cats With Weapons - Shirt.Woot June
Cardinal Letter - Ink-hound August
The Walrus and the Highwheeler - Shirt.Woot September
Brilliant! - Springleap September
Silver Lining - Teextile November
Use Proper Grammar - Shirt.Woot - November
Aw, And I Didn't Get You Anything (12 Days of Christmas) - Shirt.Woot - December

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