Sunday, March 1, 2009

It Snowed Today in Alabama

Yesterday I spent the whole day volunteering at the 2009 Montgomery Addy Awards. My friends Leigh and Patricia are graphic designers and they are always involved in coordinating the gala every year. This is the third year that my friend Sherri and I helped them out. It's fun to support them and it's a great excuse to dress up! The four of us enjoy event planning (last year we did my wedding in May and Leigh's wedding in November) so much that we joke around about starting a business. Anyway the Addy's turned out great and Leigh and Pats cleaned up this year with accolades to be proud of.

So I was exhausted from yesterday, and was a complete zombie when my dog nudged me to get my @ss out of bed and let her outside. I stumbled to the back door with my eyes half closed when--BEHOLD! Everything was white!!! I think I literally jumped back a step and called for John to wake up and come see it. He immediately pulled out his camcorder to capture it. Y'all just don't understand. It's rare for us to see snow. We're lucky to see even flurries that last 30 minutes. The weather in the south is so strange and unpredictable. Yesterday it got up to 70 degrees and less than 24 hours later it snowed. The day before yesterday there were tornados. John thinks it's an impending apocalypse.

Back to tshirts (which is why we're all here at this blog, right?) Please vote for my newest Shirt.Woot design, Eel Charging Station! I'm sad 'cause it fell out of the fog last night. Also, if you're still considering Eclipse at Ink-Hound, think fast because Monday will be the last day it will be for sale. You can even get it on a hoodie! Both of these designs are featured on the left over there.

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SailorButterfly said...

The snow was so pretty! :D