Thursday, December 3, 2009

Brilliant Pictures

My friend Sherri received her copy of Brilliant! the other day. I'm jealous because I still don't have mine! But I'm thankful to see it and thankful to be able to say it printed very, very well. I'm sure most of you know the fiascoes I've had with disappointing print results, so let me shout a big thank you to the folks at Springleap. Here are some pictures. Sherri and I are extremely amused at the fact that if you wear this, my name will be on your butt. I think that's a good reason to buy it, don't you? Enjoy the pics, and if you catch this blog post before noon today, allow me to plead for your vote for my rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas at Shirt.Woot. Thanks, and happy December to you all! :)

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