Monday, March 22, 2010

Prints at Squidink and Operation Tee

First, let's start with the most time sensitive news. Dance of Kitsune is today's shirt! It's only on sale until tonight at 1am central time, so dance over there quickly if you fancy foxes with multiple tails.

Last year Shirt.Woot had a BBQ themed Derby. I started out with the typical anthropomorphic food being scared of a grill, but then became unexplainably sad. This happens to me a lot. It probably has something to do with the fact that I'm an artist and artists usually have something "off" in their brain. And while, especially in my case, that could mean off, as in dim or not on, here I mean something not quite right. (Dear other artists: trust me, I'm not insulting you. I like oddities. They make us cool.) Anyway, my melancholy along with being inspired by Blake B's two gems, Among the Trees and Outside the Cathedral (currently on sale at Tilteed,) enabled me to make a BBQ emo in the design Cookout in the Valley. It didn't win the Derby, but ten months later, it won the hearts of the people at, who started a new project called where it is currently on sale. Check it out, as well as the new site which looks pretty fun.

As far as new designs go, I am in full force into trying to get a Threadless print, so my Derby entries are going to be more scarce. Exciting things are happening though. I promise to still keep things interesting and to keep you posted.


Ryan said...

I wanted to get this for a friend of mine...but I got mixed up on the days or something? I guess I looked at it at midnight and thought I had another day to buy instead of one hour. it possible to still get that foxy tee?

theinfinityloop said...

Unfortunately no. I might put it in a direct-to-garment store eventually but I'm not sure. If I do that then it will be available, and I will also advertise it.

Eran said...

. . . Sheesh . the jaw. On the floor. Always loving your work.

I think that one of the coolest elements of your work is the massive variety, attention to balance and detail. Freaking awesome.