Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Halloween Submission to DBH

I've made my first sub to Design By Humans. I originally intended this for a Shirt.Woot Daily, but that kind of fell through. I thought the Halloween Contest at DBH sounded fun, so I decided to sub it there. What's weird about this one is that when I was designing it, I made the mistake of picturing it as an art composition instead of something on a tee shirt. I was completely done with it--layers cleaned up and everything by the time I tried it out on a shirt template. Rookie mistake. If I centered it, and if girls' wore it, it would look like they had glowing boobages. Thankfully, DBH allows more options for placement. Putting it off center improved the look of it tremendously. So, please take a look and consider voting!

Also in the news, "Inspired by Purple Rain" received an Honorable Mention. So far I will have three designs in the upcoming Do-Over Derby. And last but not least, yesterday two different tee shirt companies told me they were interested in a couple of my designs. Hopefully I'll be able to post of some more prints in the near future. :)

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