Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tee Fury Collab and Halloween Pics

Tee Fury printed their 100th shirt today, and they came up with a great way to celebrate it. They invited artists to make their own version of their bird logo.

So I looked deep into my inner self and made NERD BIRD! :D

The shirt really turned out great. They ended up getting 72 birds! People really got creative too. Tee Fury mapped it out and gave credit to all the artists. That was awesome of them. If you're catching this today (Wednesday, October 29th) check it out.

To see a high res version of all the birds, check this out.

Last night, John and I carved our pumpkin. We found a picture of Boo from the Mario games and decided to use him. Of course we had some help from this guy:

Looks pretty cool lit up:

Do you see that black cat in the second picture? When I first bought that, I had it sitting in the foyer for a while. It freaked my dog out. Her hair stood up on her back like a mohawk and she growled at it for five minutes. I was mean and picked it up and chased her with it. Ha ha. Finally she figured out it was fake.

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Sherri said...

Can't wait to get the bird and betta shirts!

Pumpkin looks good...Happy Halloween!