Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another Tee Fury Print!!!

I was so shocked tonight when I got an email from Tee Fury saying they were going to print Carbon Butterfly! I'm surprised they're printing this so soon after the Betta. That's okay though! I'm not complaining. That's great news since I was a little depressed that Gamer Mother didn't last in the fog at Shirt.Woot. It also makes up for the crazy weekend John and I had. One of my good friends had a bridal shower today in a town a couple hours south of where we live. John's parents also live in that area so we made a trip out of it. Well, we ended up getting a flat tire on the way. We had to take the car to the nearest Wal-Mart to get two new tires, and the bad part about it was that we had the dog and the cat with us. So, we had to stand outside of Walmart with the dog while they took an hour and a half to put the tires on. -_-' To make matters worse, John's parents' internet connection was down. So of course John and I started getting withdrawal symptoms--lol. But, I had a nice time with the in-laws, and the shower was fun, so it's all good.

Anyway, please click these pics after 11pm tonight and check out my shirt! :) They changed the color scheme for the women's. It looks pretty cool. The men's color scheme is what I had intended, so I think I'll pick up both.


Rayhne said...

I love the woman's version but I just can't wear them comfortably. (Yes, I;m female) :/ So I ordered the mens. Oh Well.

theinfinityloop said...

Thanks for ordering and commenting! I'm probably going to put both color schemes in both women's and men's sizes in my Spreadshirt shop soon. They won't be quite as good quality as Tee Fury, but at least they will still be available.

Paul Kremer said...

Congrats infinity! I have been a fan of yours ever since your angry pig in the Luau Derby (still upset about that). :)

Please let me know if that design ever gets printed anywhere! It looks like you are on the rise! I look forward to your designs, and have added your blog to my RSS reader! Later!

theinfinityloop said...

Thanks Paul. It's great to find out I have fans. You'll be glad to know that the pig has another chance. Check out my latest post and be sure to vote for him today at noon! :)

ss fashion world said...

this butterfly its so beautiful !