Friday, November 7, 2008

Redeeming the Pig and InfiniTEES News

Finally! Shirt.Woot is starting their Do-Over Derby today. I'm ecstatic to have three honorable mentions make an appearance in this Derby--especially one called "The Pig Fights Back" from the infamous Luau Derby. For those that aren't familiar with the pig, it battled in and out of the fog throughout the derby finally to end up in fourth place. I have to say the results were a bit surprising to a lot of us. It's so great that the pig has another chance. Please check it out once the Derby starts at noon today!

A few of you have been browsing and inquiring about my shirts at my Spreadshirt shop, InfiniTEES. Recently, I purchased an example of each design so I can do my own quality check. I got the shirts in yesterday, and this weekend I plan to take pictures of them. That way you can get a better idea of what you would be ordering. I'm also going to be adding the recent two Tee Fury shirts to them for those who missed out. I'm going to put up Carbon Butterfly in both colors and in both Mens' and Women's sizes since there were some who were disappointed they couldn't get the color scheme they wanted.

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Paul Kremer said...

You can count on my vote for the pig! The one I wanted in the last do-over derby placed, so I hope history can repeat itself!