Friday, December 5, 2008

New Addition to My Family

Hey guys. I'd like to introduce you to my new pet!

I named him Sesshomaru, after a character from my favorite anime, Inuyasha. We call him Sesshy for short. :) I've wanted a betta for years and when I saw him and his beautiful sapphire color (not done justice by my picture) I had to take the plunge. I now have a dog, a cat, and a fish.

I'm very excited about Christmas coming up. John and I are hosting BOTH of our families at our house this year! My girlfriends and I had our bi-weekly craft night and made ornaments. I had so much fun. I'm pleased with how mine turned out. I used old gift bags, cardstock, ribbon, and various pearls and beads. My friend had a jarful of lovely antique beads that she let me use.


Onyx said...

Hey just a quick note - I was looking on ebay to see if there were any of your "lust" shirts (Yea, I'm too slow lol) and I found someone using your design for earrings - didn't know if you knew, but figured if not you'd want to know. Here's a link.

Onyx said...

Ooops, here's a short one

theinfinityloop said...

Holy crap! That's really bizarre. Well, the design belongs to Woot now. I guess I'll pass this along to them.

You might be able to find my shirt at You could post that you want it, and someone might sell it to you or trade you.

Onyx said...

Thanks for the link!!! I found it there and got it already - I LOVE it! I'll be watching for your other shirts.