Sunday, February 8, 2009

Apocalypse Bear

A couple of years ago John, my friend Daniel and I worked together at the technical help desk at our college. We had some good times there, so John and I commemorated it with a web comic. Sadly I don't have time to keep up with it anymore, but we and our friends still remember it fondly--especially a character called Apocalypse Bear.

I loved Care Bears as a kid and I still do--well, the classic Care Bears anyway. They recently changed the look of them and I'm not too keen on the redesign. One day John and I were in Toys R Us and we passed by one of those toy crane machines. It had a Share Bear in it. This one to be precise:

It took two separate attempts, but John managed to retrieve it. For some reason, our deranged minds came up with the idea that this bear was a top secret engineered nuclear weapon that escaped and hid himself in the machine. His "Care Bear Stare" caused a mushroom cloud of destruction, hence his new symbol on his belly. His name was not Share Bear. He was Apocalypse Bear.

In the comic, he takes refuge with us. He's loyal to us and he knows how to pwn n00bs on XBox Live, but he is also very dangerous. He once blew up an "Allmart" because they had terrible customer service. LOL. Originally I drew him with markers and I didn't have a lavender marker, so I made him blue. However, once I learned Photoshop I did the comic in that and changed him to his proper color.

Anyway the point of this story (aside from making you wonder if I'm on drugs) is to brag about my friend Leigh. For Christmas this past year, she took a Crystal Collection Share Bear and altered it to have "Pocky's" mushroom cloud belly. She even went so far as to put bombs on his feet and a scythe on his butt (true to the comic.) Check it out!

Now, we have a real Apocalypse Bear. We try not to make him mad.

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Cobolisdead said...

Awesome post! I'd love to see some of your comic.