Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yardwork Pics

Hey folks! I'm sitting here in my messy and yet-to-be-decorated office staring at the rain. It's peaceful--well, once I put the cat up. He kept trying to nom my stuff in here. The rain is good because once it stops we can put Weed and Feed on our lawn. Speaking of yard work, last weekend John and I cleaned up our front flower/shrub bed. Check out these pics:

Before (terrible, right?)

Step One: Clear as much crap out as possible

Step Two: Put down weed fabric and border

Step Three: Put down pretty wood chips. Voila! No more ugly.

We had an audience too. LOL.

Oh and I recently got my betta a new tank. Before he just had a plain bowl with no air filter. I'm lazy and I got tired of changing out the water so now both me and Sesshomaru will be happier.

As usual, please check out all of my active designs on the top left. This week I plan to submit some more stuff. I've got two designs I have in mind for Threadless and I might even sub something at Design By Humans. Remember Snow Angel? I'm going to take out the snowflakes and add some flourishes and other elements to the background. I'm not sure if it will be DBH-worthy but I'm going to try. Later folks! Gotta get ready to paint the master bath.

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SailorButterfly said...

Yard looks a ton better!

Cute fish tank. :-)