Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cameesa Changes Things Up

Hey gang. I've got good news and bad news about Cameesa. The good news is that it now only takes $10 to support a design. That also includes getting a shirt if it prints. That's a very good deal. The bad news is that it divided the support I had for Gamer Mother in half. For example, if you originally had $20 invested in the design, $10 dollars was deducted and put in your account balance. If you'd like the extra $10 to go back into the design, you need to add it back to your support. Please consider doing this, because before the changes, Gamer Mother only needed $120 more for it to go to print. Now it needs $270. :(

I'm a top ten heavyweight at! Check it out!

Non-Tee Current Events: We're still working on giving our master bathroom a face lift. I'll post pics as soon as we're done.

Random Me Trivia: I love this time of year because the azaleas are about to bloom. These shrubs become filled so chock-full of blooms that you can't even see any green. All you see is a bright fushia cloud. Awesomeness.

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