Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cameesa Pics and Trying to Win the Loitery

Cameesa has started featuring an artist every week with a banner on the home page and a link to an interview. They have already highlighted quakerninja and thatrobert, and I'm the lucky one to be next. Please check it out at Monday, April 27th through Friday, May 1st.

Speaking of Cameesa, Gamer Mother arrived last week so I'm fulfilling my promise to show pics. The green couch color was not really what I had intended, but it still looks adequate.

I mentioned awhile back about finding a good tutorial for vectorizing textures here. I had some fun with my newly learned technique creating the background for this design below. Those are actually bricks on my house. LOL.

Remember those Guinness commercials? I always liked them, so I thought it would be comical to parody it with cats. If you like it, please score it at Loiter-Ink where they're having a contest worth $1000 called "The Loitery."

This week at Woot, I awoke from my apathetic stupor and took the Derby seriously this time. I don't think my seriousness was enough for a win, but it's holding steady in the top ten, and I'm very proud of it at least. The theme was Steampunk, so at first I was very apprehensive since mechanical things are not my strong suit. I accepted the challenge though, brainstormed with John on my lunch break and by very late Thursday night managed to come up with this copper lion.

That's all for now. Thanks for being awesome and visiting! :)

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