Monday, May 25, 2009


I am overcome with gratitude for all the support given to me in regards to my latest Shirt.Woot design. Rain Dance has appeared to have struck a chord with many, many people. Maybe it's the emotion that rain evokes that people are relating to. Maybe it's the romance. Maybe it's dance itself. There is something sad but comforting about rain, and it made sense to me to mix that with romance. Sometimes sadness and romance go hand in hand. I think the color scheme makes you wonder about the story of these two aqueous characters. But whatever the reason, I'm extremely pleased to have made something that I'm proud of and that is also well received by a large audience. OMG, it CAN be done. You don't have to sell out to get a lot of votes.

A very good friend of mine commented in the Rain Dance thread about how she is so glad she, my other good friends and John (boyfriend at the time, lol) got together and bought me my Wacom tablet two years ago. That was around a year before Derbies became my weekly routine. It was an awesome graduation gift. I graduated from college when I was 29, so I and everyone else in my life was very glad I was finally finished. Reading that comment made me nostalgic and thankful for my friends. Anyway I got so nostalgic that I searched for pictures of the event.

Anyway I just thought that was funny. Again, I'm very thankful for all of the support I get. Thanks guys! <3


The Old Man said...

I love the Rain Dance t-shirt.
If I had a job, I would buy it in a heartbeat.
Oh, well. Perhaps another day.

imsochady said...

I'm sorry Miss Loop, but for the longest time, I thought the person behind the name "Infinity Loop" was a guy, hahah. I don't know why I associated your name with the male gender, but I apologize for that. Anyways, congrats on the well deserved 1st place finish! Huzzah!

Trev said...

I love your work! Keep at it!
Also, aren't Wacom tablets the best thing ever?!

Stacy said...

I love checking shirt.woot every day and was so excited to see someone from Prattville win! YAY! I'm from Montgomery & live in Wetumpka now.

Your shirt is awesome! Very romantic and combines two of my fave things...dancing & rain of course :)

Patricia said...

The shirt is gorgeous and I'm glad you're happy with how it printed. So can't wait to get mine!

That photo of you opening the tablet is priceless!!! ::hugs::

Christina said...

Great blog! I too had a good friend buy me a Wacom tablet. It's one of those things I'd say would be so awesome to have but never got one for myself. That's what best friends are for right? :)

I enjoy all of your shirt.woot entries each week.