Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Words (and Tee Shirts)

Sorry I'm a little late in updating. I've been having some trouble lately getting motivated to do things. Last week was a rough one for me. It was a week with a lot of words. Words affect me more than touch, more than gifts, more than money. And the childhood saying that they don't hurt like sticks and stones is just not true. Last week I was wounded by them and I wounded others with them. But that wasn't all, words of comfort and revelation came to me from both familiar and unexpected places. The givers alleviated me,and some even revealed, quite beautifully and astoundingly, how well they connect with me.

But even with the alleviation and astoundingness, the week left me with a residue and low serotonin levels. And for me, when I get like that, it's hard to get on with day to day things. I haven't gotten this way in a while--at least not in the past couple of years. I'm not good at forcing feelings or restraining them, so the only thing I've learned how to do is let time have its way.

I'm sure there are those out there that are thinking "Good grief I just wanted to read about tee shirts! Geez!" So I'll move on to that. :)

Two new designs are up at Shirt.Woot: Octo System and They're So Good Together. Octo is still putting up a fight for the fog, so if you haven't got your vote in for that one and want to--please do! Now even! LOL.

I decided to try out Piranha Still Life, which printed at Tee Fury earlier in the year on Teextile.

And last but not least, I submitted Half Full Wins to goodjoe. This is the first time to sub there, and so far the folks there have been very welcoming. I changed the design a bit by making it only two colors and I gave two placement options. One is small and in the "pocket" area, and the other is large and centered like it was in the ol' Optimism Derby.

I've got a stack of more designs that need homes, so I'll try to keep this thing updated with all the links. I appreciate all of you that are supportive. I have unexpectedly made some incredible bonds with people from this tee shirt world. How awesome!

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