Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cats With Weapons and Contest Announced!

I'm excited to announce that Cats With Weapons is now available to buy at Shirt.Woot. This unexpectedly controversial design managed to keep up a very competitive fight to stay in the top five during the entire derby. The 2nd through 5th place designs were neck and neck and the cats got a literally last minute surge of votes before the derby ended. Even with the conflicting and arguably pointless pseudo anonymity of this "Mystery" theme, I'm very happy to get a print from it. This derby also marked my one year anniversary of submitting.

Speaking of which, this shirt is my eleventh print this year, which means I only have one more print to go to reach my goal. For those that might be interested, here is a recap so far:

January 11 - Life Renewed at Shirt.Woot

January 18 - Vincent's Alternative at Shirt.Woot

February 5 - Piranha Still Life at Tee Fury

February 13 - Lament of the Kiwi at Shirt.Woot

Febuary 16 - Spirit of the Stag at Uneetee

February 24 - Eclipse at Ink-Hound

March 27 - Gamer Mother at Cameesa

May 29 - Rain Dance at Shirt.Woot

June 3 - Half Full Wins at Goodjoe

June 13 - Big Brother is Watching You at Shirt.Woot

June 27 - Cats With Weapons at Shirt.Woot

Aside from planning a celebratory evening with my friends, I'd like to do something else special for when I reach the 12th print. I'm going to hold a little Twitter contest which will begin right now. All you have to do is tweet something nice about my blog, include a link to it, and include the tag #LoopyBlogContest. It will be one entry per person, so you don't have to tweet it multiple times--although you're welcome to if you want! ;) When/if the 12th design prints, I'll draw a name from all the tweeps with that tag and that person will get one of my available shirts (their choice.) I know I don't have a lot out there, but hopefully there will be something the winner likes at least a little. Right now there's Rain Dance, Cats With Weapons, Half Full Wins, Spirit of the Stag, and Gamer Mother. But I can't guarantee how long they will be available. I could even re-open my Spreadshirt shop if someone wanted Comfy Pearl, Typical Weekday Morning, Deep Sea Book Light, or Candy Coated Sticks of Happiness.

So if that sounds good to you then get to tweeting! As always I'm thankful for all of you that support me and have helped these designs to print. Cheers!


SailorButterfly said...

I'm so proud of you!

I RT'ed your blog tweet, but don't include me in your contest. You give me enough shirts, and I own all the shirts that have won somewhere anyway. ;-)

Tom Moyer said...

Hey I-Loop... I think to build up some extra excitement and suspense, you should take the next 4 to 5 months off. Then come back strong in November and see if you can get that 12th print by the end of the year.

That way, the rest of us "artists" can have a shot at getting a few prints of our own :)

hopefully you know I'm kidding. contrats on 11. I'm sure 12 will come very soon. And you should update your goal to 24 shirts this year since you're on pace.

by the way... just found out my mom bought your rain dance shirt to become a woot member. (keep in mind she didn't buy my deforestation shirt to become a member) haha.


theinfinityloop said...

Thanks, Tom! And don't worry, my parents are picky about my shirts too. They've turned down a lot of them, lol.

illuminator said...

Wowza! Makes me want to start designing again... need to figure out a schedule that fits with my work and school, you're my hero! :D

Anonymous said...

I just ordered Cats with Weapons. I've been holding off since I've spent so much money on college clothes lately, but I couldn't let this one slip away like I did with Lament of the Kiwi. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh! And I liked Rain Dance, too, but not quite $15 worth. :-) I'm more into funny than gorgeous and artsy.