Saturday, July 4, 2009

Shirtfight Heavyweight Contest

Hey gang, before I proceed to design updates, let me take a minute to remind you of the free tshirt Twitter contest I've got going on. For details, please see my last post here. So far the support has been awesome and I greatly appreciate seeing all those tweets!

Back to business, Shirtfight's theme this week is for Heavyweights only. Since I've had the honor of that title I wanted to take advantage of it. I chose to work on a design that I originally intended for their music theme a couple of weeks back. Anyone that knows me well knows I love the moody sounds of string music. If I hear a cello, I immediately cease whatever it is I'm doing. Add a violin and I'm hypnotized. A few years ago I actually purchased a violin and took lessons in college. It was extremely challenging though, and life got in the way, so sadly I never became skilled enough to bring it to its potential. Anyway now you see some of the exposition of this design. I wanted to at least attempt to translate the auditory effect of the music into a visual scene. Please check it out at Shirtfight and score it high if you like it. I call it The Nightsong.

One more thing before I go, I've put The Rabbit's Weird Dream up for voting at Springleap here. This is the first time I've entered anything at Springleap, and so far everyone there has been very welcoming. I know a lot of you supported the Rabbit at Woot, so help it get another chance here if you can!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Mine started early last night with friends and fireworks. Thankfully there were no major injuries or police at the door, lol.

2 comments: said...

I really like your designs. I run a non-profit shirt store called Fashionthropic via Skreened. I would love to have you do some art for a cause. Email me through the storefront if you're interested. Just followed you through my wife's blog reader too so I can keep up on your designs. -Mr. Blonde

imsochady said...

I like the one you did at ShirtFight this week. Too bad it didn't win. But it certainly fits in to Woot's theme this week! :)