Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Closet of Infinity

I must apologize for not updating in a while. I try to post once a week, but not a whole lot has happened art-wise for me in the past couple of weeks. In my opinion, the Derby themes lately haven't been inspiring. For example: Tattoos. I don't have any tattoos. I've thought about it, but brief pondering is the extent of my tattoo experience, and that's not quite enough for me to feel the need to express myself artfully on that subject.

I do have one bit of art news--more like a bit of pleading. I've put The Nightsong up at Threadless and it only has a couple of days left for voting. Please, please take a second to score it (high?) and comment. I have a certain affinity for this one and I'll be honest, I'm madly covetous for a Threadless print, so combine those two things and that explains the begging.

For the rest of this post I'll bare my t-shirt soul in a way I have not before--I'm going to disclose my collection. I've only been aware of the online tee world for a little over a year, so my cumulation may not be as large as some of yours who remember the birth of Shirt.Woot. Maybe that's good though because I can actually fit it in this blog space, lol. I kid, I kid. So here it is, minus my designs of course, and minus shirts I want to trade. I've sorted it by website, and I've bolded and linked my top ten favorites. I hope I haven't left out anything...


Phoenix Rising
Flora & Phonograph
A Rare Occurrence
Off and Away . . .
Battle Fungale
The Night Shift
Mon Petit Chou
Let Go
Dragon Slayer
Stuck Inside
Plumber in the style of Rembrandt
New Kid In Town


Dragon Flavor
Nerds Unite!
Tools of the Trade
Summer's Passing
Nothing Is Written
Larry The Fox Doesn't Feel So Clever Anymore
I would look cooler if I were riding a unicorn

Design By Humans

Bird and Blossoms
Dark fox
Victorian Facade (for sale)
Evolution of the Koi (I know, I know, I make fun of koi, but I won this one)

Tee Fury

Plaidinum (What. I like plaid and I like Star Wars.)
Chest Cat
Hope Phoenix
Orphans International ... Realizing Dreams
Furyous Omnibus
Tee Fury No. 1 - Heartbreak


Avian Crown


I Want to Dance Too


Fiction vs. Non-Fiction
Explanation for my Passion (or lack thereof)
Cheer Up! She Found You.
1928. Birth of an Icon.

Good Joe

Make Your Own Music

Wotto's Store

Marvelous Marvin (black)

Flying Mouse's Store

Mother of the Sea

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