Sunday, August 16, 2009

Quick Update and Contest Winner Announced

Here's just a quick line to say hello, ask how you are, talk about the weather (Alabama in August is unbearable,) and give an update on designy things. First off I'd like to congratulate MaskOfIcarus, the winner of the Loopy Blog Contest. He chose Spirit of the Stag as his prize and a copy of it is already on its way to him. A big thank you goes to him as well as all of the rest of you who participated.

I've got a couple of active subs right now. The first is The Witching Hour up at Shirt.Woot.

The second is originally from Shirt.Woot's BBQ theme, Cookout in the Valley. It is now up for scoring at Threadless.

I will probably be recycling a couple more of my older designs soon so keep your eyes out. Brilliant! and Dr. Whoooo are begging to get back in the game. I also now have three new ideas antsy in my queue that I will hopefully be able to make some time for.

Last thing I'd like to mention is that Cardinal Letter is about to disappear, so if you'd like to buy it, do so before tomorrow night. That's all for now!

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