Monday, August 10, 2009

12th Print Confirmed!

I must admit, Cardinal Letter was not a design I expected to be the climax of my print goal; it's been resting at Ink-hound for quite some time--well over 90 days. I am by no means complaining though. It's actually one of my favorites, one of the very few cases I'm satisfied with the use of halftones, and I don't mind that it references Hawthorne either. It will go on sale tonight at midnight at Ink-Hound. If it seduces you, grab it quickly because it will only be available for a week.

As stated before, I will celebrate this being the 12th print by drawing a name from the long list of loyal fans that have tweeted something nice about my blog. That person will receive a shirt of their choice out of these options:

Cardinal Letter
Cats With Weapons (must let me know by today for this one)
Half Full Wins
Spirit of the Stag
Gamer Mother

Spreadshirt designs:
Comfy Pearl
Typical Weekday Morning
Deep Sea Book Light
Candy Coated Sticks of Happiness

There's still time! Like I said before, use Twitter to tweet something nice about my blog, include a link to it, and include the tag #LoopyBlogContest. One entry per person, valid until noon today. This is just my way of thanking those of you who have supported me in so many ways, and have truly helped make it possible for me to obtain this goal.