Saturday, September 25, 2010

Breath of Life Prints at Tilteed

My apologies for this post being a bit late, but even so I'd still like to share. Last weekend, my Breath of Life design printed at as a limited tee. This was the design I mentioned back in March here that was an example of something that was made at first in a hurry, got a second look, and was properly finished later.

I was very pleased to see it print at Tilteed. I was also really happy with its feature page and interview. If you missed out on getting my shirt, don't be too sad, because they have an on-going catalog of other designs worth a lot of praise. It's definitely worth a good browsing as well, so head on over there after checking this out. :)

Oh and one more thing before I go--I've added a new section of links on the right side called "Past Prints" for quick reference of my prints by year.

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